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Bayview Youth

Bayview Youth meets on Friday nights from 7-9pm in the Cafe and Gym! Our gatherings are focused on engaging students with our vision of “Love God, Love Each Other and Love The World”.  With fun games, relevant teaching and a heart towards creating a safe, dynamic environment, our students can develop life-long friendships and encounter God’s Love.


This year’s theme is CATALYST - Be the Reason. In the short time that you are a young person, it is easy and sometimes expected for you to take a backseat and stick to the status quo. God loves you and wants you to make a difference in your family and friend’s lives. A Catalyst is “a person or thing that precipitates an event”. Bayview Youth believes God has called you to use your gifts and talents to make a change in this world and be a catalyst in the peoples lives around you. Come join youth and youth leaders who are trying to be catalysts in this world!


Key Dates:

Friday, September 15th: Bayview Youth Kickoff

Tuesday, September 26th: Parents Meeting - Come meet the staff and volunteers! 7-8pm in the HUB.

Friday, October 13th: Change Conference (Offsite - click here for details)

Friday, October 27th: Pumpkin Fest

Friday, November 24th: Lock-in (Overnighter - details to come)

Friday, December 15th: Christmas Party


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